Game Of Stones

Game of Stones,

du cortex jaillirent les pierres qui exaltèrent les gravats

A 3-day excavation project (14 to 16 November 2014) in connection with Hôtel Charleroi 2014, in the heart of lower town of Charleroi (BE), on a demolished site, at the location of the Cabaret Vert, awaiting the Construction of the future Rive Gauche shopping centre.

Building poetic archaeology in the clearance.

An archaeologist, Laura Dekoster, delineated the excavation site using fluorescent yellow cords tied between posts. Access to the site was possible upon request. A series of tools was on hand, from the pickaxe to the toothbrush, in descending order. Precise objectives:  discover something that resists under ground, determine the limits thereof gradually, photograph the object in its context, then take it out.

Brick, earthenware, glass, terrazzo, steel, plastic...

Passers-by behind the site barriers asked questions about our finds. Dinosaur bones? Roman vestiges? A poem by Rimbaud (who stayed at the Cabaret Vert?). A new cosmogony lying on our strata.

Hosted by Hôtel Charleroi 2014

November 2014